"The winds which pass over our dwelling 
are such as sweep over the ridges of mountains,
bearing the broken strains,
 or celestial parts only, of terrestrial music.

The morning wind forever blows, 
the point of creation is uninterrupted, 
but few are the ears that hear it."
                                      Henry David Thoreau

Our 1920's farmhouse, situated on 60 acres, is the only remaining house left in what was the thriving Genesis community established in the 1800's.  Today the former community is a part of the 79,000 acre Catoosa Wildlife Management Area.  Our place, in the family since the 1870's, is welcoming with 100 year old towering oaks, lush flower gardens and fruit orchards.  There are acres of nature to explore and old roadways to walk where you may spot an occasional deer or wild turkey along with an amazing variety of songbirds.

As you enter our home, you'll find a warm cottage atmosphere filled with antiques, family photos & comfy chairs.  The sandstone fireplace was constructed of large blocks quarried on family property.  Although the house is nearly a century old, it's been modernized with air-conditioning (though with the mild summers you rarely need it) and ceiling fans in all rooms for your comfort.

"Hospitality is a little food
a little fire
and an immense silence"


You'll start your day with a full gourmet breakfast served in the breakfast room on an antique table complete with fresh flowers.  If you prefer, you may eat in the screened porch or outside on the deck under the oak trees.  Breakfast begins with fresh fruit, much of it grown in our gardens along with homebaked breads.  Cereals are available along with a daily hot entree ranging from Fresh Vegetable Frittatas or Baked Stuffed Pancakes to a typical  Southern breakfast complete with Homemade biscuits!  We promise -- you won't leave hungry!